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If you didn’t get a chance to talk with Athena during the exhibit, let her know what you think about the REFLECTIONS installments.


Athena Pribanic Graduates Spring 2012 from Columbus College of Art; Design with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, and a minor in Art Therapy.

My current work — “Reflections” — discusses ‘Social Issues’ I have experienced in
my life. It is autobiographical, anthropologic, and feministic. The goal is
to express these issues in the subject matter of the chosen mediums: fine arts, metal sculptor, and printmaking. The issues are perpetual places in society that go unnoticed and are rarely thought to be such a problem that society should be concerned about on a day-to-day basis.

The materials chosen were not only a topic of my ability as a
sculptor artist but to collectively think of the connection between
the materials with the subject matter. 1) Metal is a form that holds
many characteristics. The beauty of metal holds true in its
strength as an element. The beauty of my work is
showing the diversity of this medium. Metal for me describes a
very masculine material; being female I choose to use
such a strong material to create boldness within my message.
2) Print can demand attention in the same way as metal. The form of my work is large scale, which in itself demands
presence; the work being multiples also demands the same. By
contrasting and combining the two mediums, each aspect of that
medium then supports the idea itself. These help to further my
meaning. Printing on metal for me describes a sense of strength.
It also has a forever lasting quality, not easily discarded. Choosing to juxtapose metal with fabric speaks about the
delicate qualities of child abuse and religious abuse of

“Corset” was designed to showcase the struggle of the female
in society, and the weight that is forced upon women to be a specific
size. It is about the image of the ‘self’ and our societies acceptance of the
female form. The stitched floor represents the
binding restrictions of our culture.

“The Statistics” discusses children in America that face not only
physical but mental abuse. I purposefully left three blank metal
panels to show that three in every 20 children are abused in the
state of Ohio.

“Confessional” is a piece to experience the
religious abuse of power and the hierarchical system religious
Catholicism preys on. It also speaks about the religious scandals
that priests were committing with children.


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